Sligo Flora

Thanks to Eamon Gaughan we are now in the process of loading a series of photo sets. The following is a brief message from Eamon.

Hi all fellow walkers. Hope you can view and enjoy the pictures of the wild flowers. Better still to see them live growing in their natural habitats. The vast majority can be found around or close to Co Sligo including all the orchids. To see some of the Benbulben plants you will have to do a bit of climbing. The limited space precludes me from including many others . 

 There are some notable rarities apart from the Benbulben specialties.The Dodder is an interesting parasitic leafless plant which grows on the Mullaghmore dunes.The Cranberry grows in a bog in Co FermanaghThe Irish St John’s Wort  is confined to a few sites at Lough Mask in Co Mayo

Note also that the Hemlock Water Dropwort (Oenanthe Crocata) is extremely poisonous to eat. It has been mistaken for wild celery or parsnip.The Summer Snowflake grows in damp woods of Lough Key Forest Park. Have many enjoyable walks and rambles in our beautiful countryside.

 Eamon Gaughan

Benbulben Specialities 

Bogs and Wet Places


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